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August 24, 2023

Midlands Fatherhood Coalition Receives $90,000 from United Way for Pathways to Resiliency

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To increase economic mobility, Midlands Fatherhood Coalition has announced that it will receive $90,000 from United Way of the Midlands to support certifications and educational opportunities for the 2023-2024 fiscal year. The grant will be used to provide training and job placement support for participants in the Midlands Fatherhood Coalition program throughout the coming year.

“Without the United Way of the Midlands financial support, this agency would not be able to provide access to support and break cycles of poverty for families in this community and more people would fall through the cracks in the system,” said Angela McDuffie, President & CEO of Midlands Fatherhood Coalition (MFC). “The partnership that has been established between MFC and United Way of the Midlands is truly a benefit to everyone in the Midlands, and we understand that the results of this grant will be evaluated diligently to ensure the highest quality of service is provided to fathers and families who need it most.”

This is the first year in which Midlands Fatherhood Coalition has received a grant of this magnitude from United Way of the Midlands.

“Midlands Fatherhood Coalition is one of many new grants released this year to support programs that strive to make lasting improvements in the areas of basic needs and resilience,” said Sara Fawcet, President and CEO of United Way of the Midlands. “Thanks to the tremendous generosity of business leaders, individuals and volunteers throughout the year, we are able to provide these funds to valuable programs like Pathways to Resiliency, which will help us create generational change throughout the Midlands.”

For more information on this or other United Way of the Midlands grants or grantees, contact Isabel Steen, Director of Community Investments at United Way of the Midlands, at 803.733.5119 or isteen@uway.org.


United Way of the Midlands is the most collaborative, efficient and accountable model for investing in the improvement of the Midlands community. With over 70 Community Impact Partners, United Way works to identify and respond to the critical human service needs of Calhoun, Fairfield, Lexington, Newberry, Orangeburg and Richland counties. Funds are raised through workplace campaigns, grant writing and individual donations and are directed to creating generational change by breaking cycles of crisis and empowering people to build their own paths to success. For more information, please visit www.uway.org.

Midlands Fatherhood Coalition works to engage fathers in the positive support of their children and to enhance support for fatherhood in the Midlands. MFC offers education and individualized services uniquely tailored for fathers trying to rebuild their lives and their families, with offices in Lexington, Richland and Sumter Counties. Learn more at www.midlandsfathers.com and follow us on FB and IG @Midlandsfathers.