Midlands Child Support Resources

Child support is a critical source of income for single mothers and children. It’s reasonable to expect fathers to provide for their children.

But low-income fathers often struggle to meet this responsibility. They may not make enough money. Or job loss may have changed their ability to pay. When fathers don’t pay, enforcement comes in—causing many low-income fathers to go underground in fear.

Failure to pay can result in jail time. Once sent to jail, a father’s inability to pay is made worse.

Helping fathers understand and navigate child support is central to our programs.

  • We provide a temporary safe haven, so they can come forward and begin the process of resolving outstanding warrants
  • We address the root causes of their failure to pay, helping them secure better jobs and manage their money
  • We help them accept responsibility and understand how establishing paternity helps children and why paying child support is essential
  • Review our Guide to Child Support in South Carolina

Fathers who are incarcerated solely for their failure to pay child support can participate in our JOBS NOT JAIL PROGRAM

Working with the Child Support Services Division (CSSD), we help fathers identify steps to resolve an outstanding warrant and avoid jail.