How to Request Modification

The steps for requesting modification depend on whether child support is a DSS/Child Support Enforcement (CSE) order or a private order.

Steps for modifying a CSE order:

1. Write a letter to DSS/CSE advising that a change in circumstance exists and request a modification to the child support order:

  • You can find a sample form letter here
  • In your letter, you must identify who you are, state specifically what your change in circumstance is and definitively request a review of your case
  • You will send this letter to the CSE caseworker assigned to your case in the regional office that enforces your order. (Find that information here)

2. Collect attachments required with the letter.

Depending on the type of change in circumstance, you will need to provide documentation to support your claim. For example, if the change relates to:

  • Income, attach at least two pay stubs from your current job
  • A new child in the father's home, attach a birth certificate or adoption papers
  • A medical injury or illness, attach a doctor’s statement that clearly identifies the length of time you will be unable to work and describes your inability to perform the same work and/or your temporary inability to perform specific types of work

3. Make and keep copies of all documents sent to DSS/CSE or a private agency. It is recommended that you:

  • Either hand-deliver a copy of your letter and documents to the regional office or send them by certified mail with a return receipt requested from the caseworker
  • File legal modification paperwork with the court if DSS/CSE is unresponsive



Steps for modifying a private order:

1. You will need to file legal paperwork with family court requesting a modification. DSS/CSE cannot modify private orders.

2. If you will not be using an attorney, this website provides modification forms and instructions you can download and use as a self-represented litigant.