Our Mission

The Mission of Midlands Fatherhood Coalition is to engage fathers in the positive support of their children and to enhance support for fatherhood throughout the Midlands.

How we can help:

  • We provide community-based programs and support groups for fathers, free of charge.
  • We help fathers connect to other services they need so they can meet their responsibilities and secure their parental rights.
  • We offer job coaching and employment connections that benefit fathers, their families and employers in our communities.
  • We’re a resource for local organizations that want to provide family support and father-friendly services.

We know engaged fathers are the best way to get to the root of problems that affect all of us—so that we can make real progress toward ending poverty, reducing crime and improving outcomes for children.

Families and taxpayers experience immediate financial benefits, too. In 2018, fathers participating in Midlands Fatherhood Coalition programs:

  • Paid over $850,000 in child support
  • Saved more than $3.47 million in taxpayer-funded incarceration costs through Jobs Not Jail.

When fathers are engaged, children are:

  • More likely to graduate from high school
  • Less likely to go to jail
  • Better positioned to be good parents themselves

We strive to help fathers better themselves, their relationships and their understanding of how important a responsible, active father is in a child’s life. Building stronger families creates a better South Carolina for every citizen.

We are always looking for community partners who want to collaborate with us—from local law enforcement and family court judges to health clinics and churches who, like us, want to help fathers succeed.