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January 20, 2022

Father Focus-Tracey Morant

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Tracey Morant, 49, came to Midlands Fatherhood Coalition (MFC) to learn how to have an improved relationship with his children. Mr. Morant has two 11-year-old twin sons- Ezra and Eli. The first step for Tracey was to seek court-ordered visitation. Mr. Morant had his twin boys for the entire summer!  This was such as special time of bonding for him and his sons! He got to enjoy a father-child activity at a Columbia Fireflies game. It was important for Mr. Morant to improve his parenting skills and learn how to build a better relationship with his children’s mother. Mr. Morant would get frustrated very quickly. Through the Peer Group Sessions on Healthy Relationships, he learned to recognize triggers that can lead to anger and how to manage these feelings. He also learned how to more positively express himself.

Mr. Morant also has some financial challenges. Through case management and Peer Group Sessions on Economic Mobility he learned and implemented some strategies to improve his situation. He was struggling to pay court-ordered child support for his boys while also owing backpay to the IRS. Of course, in addition to this, he had his regular household expenses. The MFC Father-Child activity was especially important to him because buying tickets, food, and Fireflies paraphernalia were not in his budget! During the Christmas holiday, also MFC assisted Tracey with $350.00 towards his rent which allowed him to take other funds to pay off an IRS debt. In addition, Tracey was one of our participants who was selected to receive a $750.00 Christmas bonus gift card. Mr. Morant is a great example of a father who has set goals and worked hard to achieve them for his personal growth and development so that his sons will have a brighter future.