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May 13, 2021

Dad's Den Ribbon Cutting & Official Opening!


Dad’s Den Ribbon Cutting at MFC


The rainy showers could not stop the glorious ribbon cutting of the Dad’s Den at Midlands Fatherhood Coalition (MFC) on May 12th, 2021. With respected personalities like the President & CEO of the Columbia Chamber of Commerce Carl Blackstone and Rt. Rev. Ed McDowell gracing the ceremony, it was nothing short of humbling.

The Dad’s Den was Leadership Columbia Class of 2021’s annual project. The event saw CEO of MFC Angela T. McDuffie shared the story of how doing something with the now “Den” has been a long dream. The Dad’s Den, formerly a storage room with stained walls and burned-out light bulbs, is now freshly painted and revamped with a 50-inch screen, new carpet, adjustable lighting, pool table, computer room, and a kids corner with items to learn and play with. Having realized this idea, there's no reason fathers cannot spend quality time with their young ones while visiting the facility.

The 2021 Leadership Columbia Class’ unofficial spokesperson Meghan Huebner says “the process of “flipping” the space was a thoughtful one because the group believed that the environment had to resonate with purpose and as a result, it had to give off a comfortable and relaxing feel to children of all ages and fathers as well. The brainstorming process revealed that the men wanted a man cave, so we ran with the idea.” Certainly, the bonding must not end at the facility. The group also came up with “grab-and-go kits fathers can take home and use with their children. These were broken up into 5 different themes: sports, games, music, science, and building. The kits include rules of the games, tips, and talking points to foster the father-child relationships because that is what is going to last for the rest of their lives,” said class participant Marcia Bacon.

In the words of Rev.McDowell, “it is incredible that a group of persons took this emphasis and turned it into something mind-blowing”

In closing, James Rogers, RCSD, a product of the MFC program extended his gratitude to Rudolf C. Walker, Intervention Specialist at MFC for his tireless efforts in helping him stand on his feet in a trying time and reconnecting him with his daughters. “This Den is going to do so much for many generations to come. Thank you,” he said.